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Loughborough University
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Social Sciences - Department InformationInformation
10SSA001 - Introduction to Sociology AInformation
10SSA002 - Introduction to Sociology BInformation
10SSA003 - Sociological AnalysisInformation
10SSA004 - Introduction to Quantitative Data AnalysisInformation
10SSA101 - Introduction to Social Psychology AInformation
10SSA102 - Introduction to Social Psychology BInformation
10SSA105 - Psychological Statistics 1AInformation
10SSA106 - Psychological Statistics 1BInformation
10SSA107 - Practical Social Psychology IAInformation
10SSA108 - Practical Social Psychology IBInformation
10SSA109 - Controversies in PsychologyInformation
10SSA110 - Social Psychology and RelationshipsInformation
10SSA201 - Introduction to Criminology & Social Policy AInformation
10SSA202 - Introduction to Criminology & Social Policy BInformation
10SSA204 - History of Social PolicyInformation
10SSA206 - Crime and Social Welfare: Policy in PracticeInformation
10SSA207 - Deviance and Social ControlInformation
10SSA301 - Introduction to Communication & Media Studies AInformation
10SSA302 - Introduction To Communication & Media Studies BInformation
10SSA303 - Researching Communications 1AInformation
10SSA304 - Researching Communications 1BInformation
10SSA305 - Study SkillsInformation
10SSB001 - Research MethodsInformation
10SSB002 - Key Thinkers in SociologyInformation
10SSB020 - Race and Racism in Modern Society (10 wgt version)Information
10SSB023 - Sociology of Religion (10 wgt version)Information
10SSB026 - Sociological Themes and Issues (1)Information
10SSB027 - Sociological Themes and Issues (2)Information
10SSB028 - Nationalism and CosmopolitanismInformation
10SSB029 - Capitalism and Cultural ChangeInformation
10SSB090 - Research Methods: Data CollectionInformation
10SSB091 - Research Methods A (Erasmus)Information
10SSB092 - Research Methods B (Erasmus)Information
10SSB093 - Key Thinkers in Sociology A (Erasmus)Information
10SSB094 - Key Thinkers in Sociology B (Erasmus)Information
10SSB095 - Key Thinkers and Research Methods A (Erasmus)Information
10SSB096 - Key Thinkers and Research Methods B (Erasmus)Information
10SSB097 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
10SSB097_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
10SSB098 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
10SSB098_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
10SSB099 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
10SSB099_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
10SSB101 - Methods and Ideas in PsychologyInformation
10SSB113 - Gender and Psychology (10 wgt version)Information
10SSB130 - The Social Psychology of Everyday LifeInformation
10SSB131 - Social Psychology, Media and the Moving ImageInformation
10SSB132 - Developmental PsychologyInformation
10SSB133 - Cognitive PsychologyInformation