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Loughborough University
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10CGC058 - Research MethodsInformation
10CGD045 - Individual Process Design Project MEng StatusInformation
10CGD046 - Team Process Design Project MEng StatusInformation
10CGD058 - FiltrationInformation
10CGD059 - Chemical Product DesignInformation
10CGD062 - Separations and Downstream ProcessingInformation
10CGD067 - Colloid Engineering and Nano-scienceInformation
10CGD068 - Analytical and Modelling PracticeInformation
10CGD069 - Advanced Biochemical EngineeringInformation
10CGD950 - Enterprise TechnologyInformation
10CGI001 - Training Placement in Industry (DIS, non credit bearing)Information
10CGP050 - Applied Heterogeneous CatalysisInformation
10CGP052 - Modern Methods of Water Pollution MonitoringInformation
10CGP055 - PD ProjectInformation
10CGP056 - MSc ProjectInformation
10CGP058 - FiltrationInformation
10CGP059 - Chemical Product DesignInformation
10CGP060 - Mixing of Fluids and ParticlesInformation
10CGP062 - Separations and Downstream ProcessingInformation
10CGP067 - Colloid Engineering and Nano-scienceInformation
10CGP068 - Applied Engineering PracticeInformation
10CGP071 - Pharmaceutical Engineering PracticeInformation
10CGP073 - Hazard Identification and Risk AssessmentInformation
10CGP074 - Process Systems Engineering & Applied IT PracticeInformation
10CGP075 - Adv Comp Methods for Modelling & Analysis of Chem Eng SystemsInformation
10CGP076 - Cell Based TherapiesInformation
10CGP077 - Drug Delivery and TargetingInformation
10CGRDT1 - Induction to the DTC in Regenerative Medicine ProgrammeInformation
10CGRDT2 - Regenerative Medicine: Literature Analysis and Critical Review WritingInformation
10CGRDT3 - Regenerative Medicine: Commercial & Clinical Realisation of Advanced Therapies ModuleInformation
10CGRDT4 - Teambuilding for the DTC in Regenerative MedicineInformation
10CGRDT5 - Practical Course Basic Cell BiologyInformation
10CGRDT6 - Business Plan Competition ModuleInformation