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Loughborough University
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Chemistry - Department InformationInformation
10CMA001 - Energetics and Rates of ChangeInformation
10CMA002 - Structure and Reactivity in Inorganic ChemistryInformation
10CMA003 - Spectroscopy and the Structure of the UniverseInformation
10CMA004 - Chemical and Phase EquilibriaInformation
10CMA005 - Stoichiometry and Analytical MeasurementsInformation
10CMA006 - Structure and Reactivity in Organic ChemistryInformation
10CMA007 - Concepts in Main Group ChemistryInformation
10CMA009 - Molecular Basis of LifeInformation
10CMA011 - Introduction to Analytical ChemistryInformation
10CMB001 - Synthesis of Organic MoleculesInformation
10CMB002 - Structure of Organic MoleculesInformation
10CMB004 - d-Block ChemistryInformation
10CMB005 - Inorganic Structure DeterminationInformation
10CMB006 - P-Block Ligands, Cages and ClustersInformation
10CMB007 - Advanced Kinetics and Quantum MechanicsInformation
10CMB008 - RadiochemistryInformation
10CMB009 - Solutions, Surfaces and InterfacesInformation
10CMB010 - Atomic Spectrometric AnalysisInformation
10CMB012 - Polymer ChemistryInformation
10CMB015 - Analytical Separation MethodsInformation
10CMB018 - Cell Structure and BiochemistryInformation
10CMB020 - Introduction to Forensic ScienceInformation
10CMB021 - Drug Action and PresentationInformation
10CMC001 - Modern Aspects of Organic ChemistryInformation
10CMC002 - Advanced Inorganic ChemistryInformation
10CMC003 - Physical Chemistry AdvancedInformation
10CMC004 - Pharmaceutical and Biomedical AnalysisInformation
10CMC007 - Pharmacokinetics & Drug MetabolismInformation
10CMC009 - Dissertation 1Information
10CMC010 - Environmental ChemistryInformation
10CMC015 - Project 1Information
10CMC016 - Project 1Information
10CMC109 - Drugs and DiseaseInformation
10CMD001 - Project 2Information
10CMD110 - Physical/Radiochemistry OptionInformation
10CMD112 - Inorganic Chemistry Option BInformation
10CMD214 - Synthesis in Drug DiscoveryInformation
10CMD302 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry OptionInformation
10CMF001 - Foundations of Physical ChemistryInformation
10CMF002 - Foundations of Inorganic ChemistryInformation
10CMF003 - Foundations of Organic ChemistryInformation
10CMF004 - Project BInformation
10CMF005 - Project CInformation
10CMF006 - Learning & Communication SkillsThis module allows guest users to enterThis module requires an enrolment keyInformation
10CMF009 - Chemical MethodsInformation
10CMI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DIS, non credit bearing)Information
10CMP015 - Research MethodsInformation
10CMP016 - Professional Development ProjectInformation
10CMP030 - Information and Communication SkillsThis module allows guest users to enterThis module requires an enrolment keyInformation