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Loughborough University
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10DSC026 - Final Year Design PracticeInformation
10DSC027 - Mechatronics ProjectInformation
10DSC028 - Final Year Design Ergonomics Practice: Product DevelopmentInformation
10DSC029 - Final Year Design Ergonomics Practice: Prototyping and EvaluationInformation
10DSC030 - Final Year Design Ergonomics Practice: Research and EvaluationInformation
10DSC100 - ProjectInformation
10DSC101 - Systems ErgonomicsInformation
10DSC112 - Designing Products for PeopleInformation
10DSC113 - Applied VisionInformation
10DSC114 - Disability, Ageing and Inclusive DesignInformation
10DSC115 - Human Response to Noise and VibrationInformation
10DSC117 - Driver and Vehicle ErgonomicsInformation
10DSC118 - Ergonomics of Human Computer InteractionInformation
10DSC350 - ProjectInformation
10DSC502 - Human Factors in Systems Design CInformation
10DSD100 - Human Factors and Systems EngineeringInformation
10DSI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DPS, non credit bearing)Information
10DSI002 - Professional Training Placement (Ergs)(DPS, non credit bearing)Information
10DSI003 - Professional Training Placement(Psych/Erg)(DPS,non credit bearing)Information
10DSP100 - ProjectInformation
10DSP101 - Introduction to Ergonomics and DesignInformation
10DSP102 - Organisational SystemsInformation
10DSP103 - Introduction to Human FunctionInformation
10DSP104 - Environmental ErgonomicsInformation
10DSP105 - Health Effects of Environmental StressorsInformation
10DSP106 - Data Collection and AnalysisInformation
10DSP107 - Practitioner SkillsInformation
10DSP114 - Disability, Ageing and Inclusive DesignInformation
10DSP116 - Contemporary Issues in Occupational Health & SafetyInformation
10DSP117 - Driver and Vehicle ErgonomicsInformation
10DSP118 - Ergonomics of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)Information
10DSP140 - Tutorials in Ergonomics AInformation
10DSP141 - Tutorials in Ergonomics BInformation
10DSP200 - Principles of Road and Vehicle SafetyInformation
10DSP202 - Vehicle Crashworthiness DesignInformation
10DSP670 - Major Project: ErgonomicsInformation
10DSP701 - Approaches to ResearchInformation
10DSP703 - Final Project: Rehearsal and Approaches to Professional PracticeInformation
10DSP704 - Enquiry and DevelopmentInformation
10DSP851 - Research Methods for Design ErgonomicsInformation
10DSP852 - Design Communication SkillsInformation
10DSP853 - Inclusive DesignInformation
10DSP854 - Electronic Product DesignInformation
10DSP855 - Advanced CAD TechniquesInformation
10DSP856 - Product Commercialisation 1Information
10DSP857 - Professional Design PracticeInformation
10DSP858 - Project DefinitionInformation
10DSP859 - Industrial Design Major ProjectInformation
10DSP860 - Sustainability and DesignInformation
10DSP861 - Design PracticeInformation